3 hotels in Las Vegas "get" wheelchair access

Las Vegas, Sin City. One of the best tourist destinations for adults all over the world.

Most of the city's attractions and charm are centered on Las Vegas Street, better known as the "Strip", a region famous for its beautiful and expensive hotels, resorts, casinos, and live entertainment. Whether you are gambling or not, Las Vegas offers something for everyone to love.

Traveling to Las Vegas (or really, anywhere) begins with the problem of finding affordable accessible accommodations. A quick search on any of the most popular sites that promise the lowest hotel prices will often leave you disappointed. Somewhere under the heading "amenities" of the hotel you will find something similar:

– Coffee Maker: Check

Morning wake-up call: check

– Wheelchair access: check


Upon further inspection of the site of the hotel in question, you understand that there is no additional information about the so-called wheelchair access at the hotel.

What is the size of the room? How tall is the family? Are they a platform bed? Can you bring up your Handy move? Do they have a handy step up? Is the bathroom equipped with a rain shower? Do they have shower seats? Can the wheelchair fit under the sink? Are there automatic door control buttons? Are there braille instructions? So on and so forth …

However, most properties believe that the "verification code" answers all of these questions, and you now have to face a problem sending an email to the hotel in question or calling them over the phone to ask your questions.

Yes, all people with special needs have different needs and it will be impossible for hotels to select 100% of all accessibility questions and answer them on their website, however, most of them don't bother to provide basic information.

Below you will find 3 hotels / resorts in the Las Vegas Strip who have had difficulty adding information (some basic, some more detailed) in their wheelchair accessible hotel rooms with travelers and visitors with physical disabilities.

Mirage Hotel and Casino – Las Vegas, Nevada

Mirage Hotel does a great job when it comes to providing its pioneers with information about wheelchair accessible hotel rooms. On their website you will find a floor plan of all four room types: fully sized king and queen rooms with a hand lift! Plus, the King and Queen rooms can be accessed, without a manual lift. It also has two bedrooms that can be accessed by wheelchair with shower suites with a moving shower, and tower suites that can be reached by a wheelchair with a folding shower, and Mirage suites can be accessed by wheelchair with a folding shower, in addition to a penthouse room can Accessible with one or two bedroom apartments with a foldable shower.

Talk about an accessible wheelchair LUXURY!

Four Seasons Hotel Las Vegas – Las Vegas, Nevada

Four Seasons Hotel is another property that many other hotels can take when it comes to providing their guests with information on hotel accommodations that can be reached with wheelchairs. On their website, they specify 8 different types of wheelchair hotel hotel rooms, including their strip strips-accessible rooms, deluxe rooms with a shower, comfortable accessible rooms and suites that can be accessed using Sunrise / Sunset, to name a few. Check out all of their wheelchair accessible rooms here.

Treasure Island Hotel & Casino – Las Vegas, Nevada

The Treasure Island Hotel and Casino boasts 71 (71) ADA-compliant rooms in their hotels (Can you say global design?). Although many details are not available about their accessibility features, they name a few of them, such as extra wide entrances, shower chairs, toilet seat boxes available on request, heated outdoor poolside elevator equipment, as well as hearing impairment kits that Includes door knock light, call alert, bed shaker, vibrating alarm, optical alarm and TDD upon request.

do you have. Continue and book your stay today. What is your lucky number?

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